Classes & Prices

June Kamerling Pilates offers a wide variety of classes, from beginner to advanced. Whether it’s mat, reformer, springboard, strength training or stretching, you’re sure to find a fun and challenging workout that’s suited to your fitness level and goals.

Virtual Mat Pilates

Pilates and pre-Pilates exercises worked on a mat on the floor, using your own body resistance, hand weights, elastic bands, circles, and exercise balls. All exercises can be modified based on your level.  All of our mat classes will be taught virtually via Zoom for the foreseeable future.

Stretch and Tone

Basic mobility and core strengthening for people with limited abilities. This class is taught sitting in a chair. Classes offered virtually via Zoom.


You are taken through a series of exercises developed by Joe Pilates on this amazing machine. A great work out covering all muscle systems of the body. Do you have a reformer at home? Join our group Reformer class via Zoom.

Private Sessions

Our certified and professional trainers are here to help you reach your fitness goals. Private sessions are where we can delve deeply and address current aches and pains, injuries, and stressors. Together we’ll create a fitness program to help you achieve optimum health. We are open for one on one private sessions. We also teach private sessions via Zoom or FaceTime for those unable to come in person to the studio.